The Making of Me – Margin to Mainstream

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Book review by Pradip Gangopadhyay (70’PE)

(An immigrant’s story from India to America) written by my friend & batchmate from the IIT(ISM) Class of 1970, Ashim Bhowmick.

I knew that Ashim was engaged in many activities, including education, looking after the interests of immigrants from India, and certainly capable of writing a book. I had the rare privilege to glance through the manuscript that he shared with me before publishing it. Ashim’s an Immigrant-Centric Biographical Memoir may benefit all immigrants or people who relocated from one region to another in their own country. In my humble opinion, his Book is a must-read for every immigrant from wherever they came from.

His Book is currently live online on Amazon in eBook and paperback (with photos in B&W) formats in more than 100 countries –

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and in hardcover (with photos in color) format on Barnes & Noble.

Here is the link: Search my book by title, authors full name Ashim Kumar Bhowmick or by ISBN 9781666298307.

The memoir is for those who want to get the best immigrant experience but are afraid to integrate. The new immigrants are reluctant to take that first and the most crucial step because they are so scared that their action might mean losing the culture and traditions, they brought with them along with their identity. They thus become ‘be-all and end-all’ groups in their newly adopted country and are perceived as a stand-off group. Ashim hopes and dreams that his Book might be the first step to those inhibitions.

Immigrant individual(s) or group(s) can integrate, assimilate, separate, or marginalize themselves. Separating or marginalizing makes it challenging to make this home be the best it can be. Contributing requires a significant change in mindset and personal engagement. The immigrant communities must play a greater role in the broader socio-cultural and welfare processes in the U.S. The process should be ‘self-serving’ and will provide for ‘acculturation,’ thereby gradually neutralizing the ‘misperception’ of those who object to their alleged ‘foreignness.

Ashim has championed this over many decades and recommends that the new immigrants must concertedly and prudently work to shift their “Tolerance to Acceptance to Inclusion” of new immigrants by those who have been here longer or the host societies.

At this moment of racial reckoning as the country, we have so lovingly adopted grapples with race, racism, and systemic racism, immigrants’ personal experiences speak. According to a recent report, one in two Indian Americans says they face bias.

Folks, Ashim’s Book contains relatable candor, which must resonate well with all recent immigrants and those who are here longer. It leaves the reader – often implicitly – with a decision to make or action to take, perhaps a path forward as the nation grapples with increasing racially motivated hate crimes. Here are some ways you can help popularize the crucial message to all immigrants:

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We are all proud of Ashim’s friendship & accomplishments