Ode To My Friend

May 16, 2022 0 comments ISMAANA Admin Categories Patrika Q2 2022

We were together in the best of times,
And when he got separated it was because of sweat and grime,
I tried other friends, but it wasn’t quite the same,
It didn’t look right, feel right, gel right, soon became a shame,
But one fine day, after a nice long shower,
I found myself in a colorful tower,
And who should I see, in one corner of the pile,
Lying on the ground, looking forlorn without a smile,
He seemed to have suffered the same fate as me,
But who cares now, it all is history,
I jumped as soon as the time was right,
His face showed glee, I will never forget the sight,
They say, our best healer is time, our favorite clock,
And I gladly agree, now that my friend is found, the other sock!

-by Pulkit Bhatnagar

Pulkit Bhatnagar is the son of Yogesh Bhatnagar, a Petroleum Engineering Alumnus of IIT(ISM). He works in the field of Fiber Optics and lives in Atlanta with his wife Pragya and daughters Maanya and Sumira. In his free time, he loves to garden, play tennis, and put on a circus with his two girls.