Naresh Vashisht Center for Tinkering and Innovation (NVCTI)

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In an endeavor to provide an enabling physical environment for young creators to go hands on and give shape and expression to their innovative ideas IIT(ISM), Dhanbad is in the process to develop a world-class “Tinkering and Innovation Laboratory” consisting of five separate units including 1) Mechanical Tools unit, 2) Electronics unit, 3) Gaming and animations design, 4) Battery cell assembly unit and 5) Robotics and automation unit.

Activities of NVCTI during 2021

AVISHKAR: Jharkhand School Innovation Challenge (JH-SIC) 2021

Naresh Vashisht Centre for Tinkering and Innovation, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad organized AVISHKAR – Jharkhand School Innovation Challenge (JH-SIC) 2021, an inter- school innovation challenge during February to August 2021 in four stages. The event was launched with the aim to inculcate an innovation culture and provide a competitive platform to the budding innovators of Jharkhand to showcase their imagination and creativity. Student teams of a maximum of four members from classes VIII to XII were invited to identify problems and to submit innovative, and viable solutions, related to the following themes: a. Energy harnessing, b. Water and Sanitation, c. Environment, d. Education and e. Health & Well-being.

The Grand Finale of the Jharkhand School Innovation Challenge (JH-SIC) 2021 was on 14th August 2021 through Zoom Platform. The finalists were asked to present their developed product before a jury panel. After a rigorous selection process, following ideas/teams are declared winners in various categories:

BeingArtifex Skillathon’21 NVCTI, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

BeingArtifex Skillathon’21 was organized by BeingArtifex (A IIT(ISM) Student Startup) in association with NVCTI, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, with around 1000 students, 20 NGOs, and around 150 Schools’ involvement. It started on 25th April 2021 with a month-long registration period. This period was properly used making the students engaged and letting them know more about this grand event. The Pre-Event included Speak up and Skill up in which the students were vitalized to break the ice by sharing their pre reckoning views towards the technical field.

It was followed by a BFX IQ Test of 3 consecutive mental aptitude tests and an Idea Pitch to explore the raw innovative ideas among the ardent participants. It was sponsored by renowned companies like Codingal, MU Gamma Consultancy, Engineering Parcel. In the end awards worth 3.75 Lakhs, and other exciting prizes were distributed to the top performers. This resplendent event was inaugurated on inhabiting all the founders of our esteemed sponsoring companies. This was bifurcated into three individual webinars where we had Sagar Dodeja (ex-IES), Arvind Arora (Motivational YouTubers), Tushar Kansal (clustered from Harvard Business) as our Chief Guests.

Workshop and talk-series on the Robotics and Automation unit of Naresh Vashisht Tinkering and Innovation Lab (NVTIL)

On 3rd November 2021, at 7 pm, NVCTI organized a Webinar on the Robotics and Automation unit of Naresh Vashisht Tinkering and Innovation Lab (NVTIL) to introduce the students to the field of robotics and the NVTIL lab unit dedicated to it. The speaker was Prof. Arun Dayal Udai, Lab-in-charge of Robotics and Automation Unit from the Department of Mechanical Engineering in IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.

Winners of various technical events organized by NVCTI

Samsung Innovation Award 2021

Position Name of Team Members Adm. No. Title of Proposal
First Mr. Ayush Somani
Mr. Gaurav Kumar
Mr. Gyanendra Das
Invo-AI: An Innovative E-Invoicing Solution
Second Mr. Sai Bhargav Reddy Vootkur
Mr. Kotapati Siddarth
Mr. Choudary Rahul Kedia
Biomass Logics
Third Ms. Ankita Jaiswal
Ms. Somya Jain
Mr. Prakrit Raj
Try First

App-it-up 2021 (App development competition)

Position Team Members (Name/Branch) Team Name
First Piyush Garg, ECE
Saksham Dwivedi, PE
Prakhar Pratap Mall, EE
Ansh Tandon, EE
App Crew
Second S Pranitha, EE
Bhavesh Sharma, EE
The Problem Solvers
Third Niharika Kumar, ECE
Eesha Yadav, ECE