ISMAANA Scholarship Progrm

February 7, 2021 0 comments ISMAANA Admin Categories Patrika Q4 2020

Currently ISMAANA has two types of ongoing scholarship and academic excellence programs.

Academic Excellence Awards: Eight final year students were chosen for ISMAANA academic excellence awards in December 2020. ISMAANA started these awards in 2015 to recognize top two students from four earth science branches based on the first three years of academic performance. As our funds permit, we plan to extend these awards to other branches of study.

Merit cum means scholarships: These scholarships started in 2017 and currently ISMAANA has alumni commitment for 52 such scholarships that are based on family income and academic performance. Amount of these scholarships range from $1000/year to $1370/year. These scholarships are intended to mainly cover student expenses related to room, board, and transportation. During 2020-21 academic year 39 scholarships were continued for undergraduate students who carried over their scholarships from 2019, while 13 new awardees are currently being selected.

Scholarship donors with number of committed scholarships in parenthesis are: Naresh Vashisht (20), Avinash Ahuja (10), Suresh Chugh (4), Mohinder Gulati (1), Pramod Thakur (1), Jatinder Tuli (1) Dipak Sarkar (1), Zoeb Mogri (1), Shishir Agrawal (1), Yugal Gupta (4), Mahendra Verma (2), Atul Arya (1), Sriram Muralidharan (1), Raj Prasad (1), Bijay Banthia (2) and Rana Roy (1).

If you need more information about these scholarships, please call Dipak Sarkar at 714 826-2810 or write to