Smart Classroom Project at IIT(ISM)

June 20, 2020 2 comments ISMAANA Admin Categories Patrika Q2 2020

IIT(ISM) has chosen 10 existing premier lecture halls to be converted to world-class smart classrooms. The objectives of smart classrooms are to provide an enhanced learning experience to students via real-time e-learning with help of audios and videos, multimedia, images, online web conferences, PPT presentations, and 2D & 3D animations. The work includes soundproofing, adding the latest audiovisual equipment, and installing computer equipment to teach online classes. Four ISMAANA alumni have graciously come forward to sponsor five lecture hall upgrades. They are Dr. Pramod Thakur (61ME) who is sponsoring the upgrade of MIN1, Mining Engineering lecture hall in the Heritage building, Dr. Mohinder Gulati (62PE), who is sponsoring upgrading of 2 lecture halls, one in the Petroleum Engineering building and one in the new lecture hall complex. Avinash Ahuja (67PE) is sponsoring one upgrade at the new lecture hall complex, and Yugal Gupta (68PE) is sponsoring the upgrade of the IT classroom in the new lecture hall complex.

The funding requirement of each lecture hall upgrade is Rs. 18 Lakhs. We appreciate the generous contribution of the above alumni for the smart classroom upgrades.
Dr. Dheeraj Kumar of IIT(ISM) informs us that Hyderabad based alumni Dr. A.N.Gupta (66ME) is funding two smart classroom projects and discussions are ongoing with an Indian Company Epirock to fund two more smart classroom projects. This leaves one lecture hall that still needs sponsors for the upgrade.