IIT(ISM) Alumni East Coast Picnic – August 2019

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Our 2019 ISMAANA East Coast annual picnic & get-together held on Saturday, August 9 in south New Jersey successfully. We had laughter with lighter conversations, plenty of food & some pretty serious discussion on energy & climate at this time. We had both morning & dinner session.

During the dinner session alumni, Atul Arya (’78 Petroleum Engineering) presented a talk on Energy & Climate: Past, Present and the Future. The presentation is enclosed for our alumni around the globe. Please abide by all the copyright laws applicable as mentioned in the enclosed soft copy attachment while using this material. You can read the presentation at your leisure (in subsequent pages), and Atul could be reached via e-mail (atularya@gmail.com) for any question/comment about the enclosed presentation:

We hope you find the material useful. For those who aren’t familiar with Atul Arya, here is a brief bio-data about him:

Dr. Atul Arya received his BS (Petroleum Engineering) degree from the Indian School of Mines, now IIT (ISM), Dhanbad in 1978. He completed an MS degree from the University of Tulsa and earned a PhD from The University of Texas at Austin, both in Petroleum Engineering. He has been working in oil & gas industries around the world since then and now as Chief Energy Strategist with IHS Markit based in Cambridge. Massachusetts.

We have also enclosed pictures who attended the event & all the faces are identified with names. This time we had a few out of country guests from India and they are:

Adhir Ojha (’65 Mining Eng.); Vijay Govil (’65 Petroleum Technology); Saroj Panja (’70 Mining Eng.) and Rajiv Kapur (’71 Petroleum Eng.)

Standing (L to R): Dhanvir Singh (’63 P Tech), father of Bharat Saraswat (‘2006 CSE), Adhir Ojha (’65 Mining Eng), Atul Arya (’78 Petroleum Eng), Saroj Panja (’70 Mining), Shiv Sharma (’63 P Tech), Vijay Govil (’65 P Tech), Sunil Jain (’71 Mining), Ajaya Kapoor (’72 Petroleum), Suresh Chugh (’62 P Tech), Prabuddha Gupta (’95 Mining), Prof. Raja Ramani (’62 Mining), Rajiv Kapur (’71 Petroleum), Mihir Sinha (’66 P Tech) & Sneharthi Roy (’87 Mining)

Sitting (L to R): Mrs. Calpana Arya, Bharat Saraswat’s (2006 CSE) mother, Mrs. Adarsh Govil, Deepa (daughter of Vijay Govil), Mrs. Sudesh Chugh, Mrs. Sita Kapoor, Sarmistha Roy (alumna of ISM) & wife of Sneharthi Roy (’87 Mining), Mrs. Geetha Ramani, Mrs. Rajiv Kapur & Amy Compton (wife of Ashutosh Singh). These are the family members & spouses of our alumni.

Front (L to R) kneel-down: Shruti Sinha (2006 CSE), Bharat Saraswat (‘2006 CSE), Aditya Jain (2006 Mech Eng), Ashutosh Singh (2006 Mining), Dhananjay Kumar (2006 CSE), oldest (Prasiddha) & youngest (Prawah) sons of Prabuddha Gupta (’95 Mining Eng.)

Standing L to R: Dhanvir Singh (’63 P Tech), N V Raman (’65 Mining), Prajapati Shapkota (’88 Mining), Ashutosh Singh (2006 Mining), Mihir Sinha (’66 P Tech), Shiv Sharma (’63 P Tech), Adhir Ojha (’65 Mining), Vijay Govil (’65 P Tech), Prof. Raja V. Ramani (’62 Mining), Saroj Panja (’70 Mining), Ujjal? [(son of Prajapati Shapkota (’88 Mining)], Atul Arya (’78 Petroleum Eng.), Pradip Gangopadhyay (’70 Petroleum Eng.), Aditya Jain (2006 Mech Eng.), Sneharthi Roy (’87 Mining), Dhananjay Kumar (2006 CSE) & Bharat Saraswat (2006 CSE)

Sitting (L to R): Shruti Sinha (2006 CSE), Mrs. Calpana Arya, Sarmistha Roy (alumna & wife Sneharthi Roy), Amy Compton (wife of Ashutosh Singh), Jitendra Bahadur (JB) Singh (’62 P Tech), Mrs. Pushpa Singh (wife of J B Singh), Leela (wife of Prajapati Shapkota), Mrs. Swati Kumar (wife of Dhananjay Kumar), Mrs. Adarsh Govil (wife of Vijay Govil), Mrs. Geetha Ramani (wife of Prof. Ramani) & Mrs. Swarup Raman (wife of NV Raman)