Awards and Achievements

July 20, 2019 0 comments ISMAANA Admin Categories Patrika Q2 2019

Rajesh Raitani (2001, Mining) was awarded with 2019 SME Industrial Minerals and Aggregate Division (IMAD) Frank Alsobrook Award, which recognizes members of our Division who have significantly contributed to the workings of SME and the Division and have an outstanding reputation for professionalism and accomplishments. Rajesh has earlier received 2011 Outstanding Young Scientist Award (2012) and 2013 Robert W. Piekarz Award (2014) from the Division, for scientific accomplishments and leadership of technical programming activities of the Division, respectively, and has served other committees of SME at varying positions.

Dr Abani R Samal (Min. Exp., 1995) was honored with IMAD Chair Recognition award, who have demonstrated leadership, volunteerism and professionalism throughout the year. Abani, you have true dedication to IMAD. Dr. Samal holds PhD from SIU Carbondale, DIC & MS degree from Imperial College, London and M Tech (Mineral Exploration) degree from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, India. He is in mining industry since 1996.

Currently he is the principal and owner of GeoGlobal, LLC and providing consulting services to exploration and mining companies worldwide. Mineral deposit evaluation, applied geostatistics and mine-mill reconciliation are his technical specializations. He also provides training programs to industry professionals and academic researchers.

Dr. Nikhil Gupta (2008, MLE) was recognized with Program Manager award from Industrial Minerals Division of SME. Dr. Gupta is a Research Associate at the Center for Advanced Separation Technologies at Virginia Tech. As a process engineer, he has successfully completed many in-field pilot-scale demonstration projects. His current efforts involve commercialization of a novel hydrophobic-hydrophilic separation process developed to recover and dewater ultrafine minerals simultaneously from plant waste streams. Dr. Gupta has previously received IMAD’s Outstanding Young Scientist Award and Coal & Energy’s J.W. Woomer Award for his professional contribution to the mining industry by SME.

Tushar Gupta (2012, Mining) was honored with Industrial Minerals and Aggregate Division graduate scholarship award . He is currently pursuing PhD in mining engineering from University of Kentucky. He is an avid writer and contributed several poems in the ISMAANA patrika.

Dr. Vishal Gupta (Mining, 2001) was awarded Industrial Minerals & Aggregate Division Chair Award during SME National Meeting. During Vishal’s term, revenues increased over the past year resulting in an improved fiscal position for the Division. Technical offerings grew significantly from the year in the form of technical sessions in the Annual Conference. The year marked the start of collaborative efforts with local sections of SME, to organize a field trip, which will materialize in the coming term.

Congratulations to below current students from IIT(ISM) for securing the prestigious WAAIME scholarships award from SME: