Our new IIT (ISM) Director Dr. Rajeev Shekhar

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Prof. Rajeev Shekhar was appointed new director of IIT (ISM) in 2018. Here is a short bio of Dr. Shekhar from ISM website. Prof. Shekhar has 24+ years of teaching and research experience at IIT Kanpur with focus on industrial applications. Well-rounded, go-getter academic with experience ranging from institution building, engineering R&D, project management, policy, and administration. Multi-disciplinary expertise: metals extraction, manufacturing, environmental remediation, engineering economics, solar thermal energy, electric power system optimization and policy. Good understanding of process for scaling technology from laboratory to industry. Good contacts in industry, R&D organizations, and multi-lateral institutions.

We are working closely with Dr. Shekhar on various activities to serve our Alma-mater. Below is a letter of appreciation from Dr. Shekhar received in 2018.

Dear Mr. Sarkar:

Greetings from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad.

I was indeed overwhelmed to know the extent of connect between ISM and ISMAANA and their continued love and affection towards their Alma Mater. Thank you so much for your support and specifically the scholarships that you have instituted.

Our major efforts are directed towards making ISM an institute of eminence in India and substantially improve its global ranking. This requires infusion of (i) quality young faculty and (ii) visiting faculty from abroad who are willing to spend between one summer to 2 years at ISM. In addition, we need a massive upgrade of our research infrastructure.

We would need ISMAANA’s support in identifying candidates (i) who have just completed or are about to complete their PhDs and (ii) post-doctoral fellows from universities. We would also appreciate your help in identifying faculty from good universities who are willing to spend some time at ISM.

Because of shrinking government funding, we need to set-up Research Centers sponsored by Corporate in areas such as (i) energy and environment, (ii) Cyber security, (iii) Advanced manufacturing etc. We will share our proposals once they are ready.

We are making substantive changes in the role of Dean (IRAA – International Relations and Alumni Affairs). It now has three wings: (i) Alumni Affairs, (ii) Innovation and Incubation, (iii) Outreach Services. We are going in a big way to set-up our Innovation and Incubation Center to actively promote entrepreneurship and increased research collaboration with foreign institutions. Through Outreach services, the ISM community gives back to the society through (i) increased education and awareness in neighboring villages and slums, (ii) preparation for JEE, and (iii) skill development courses to increase employability.

We are also in the process of making Alumni Association color and logo as is common in the US universities. We will be taking your feedback once we have some samples.

Hopefully, sooner than later, Dean (IRAA), Prof. Dheeraj Kumar, and I would be visiting North America to connect with its alumni.

We look forward to meeting you all in person.

Best wishes!

Prof. Rajiv Shekhar
IIT (ISM) Dhanbad