ISMAANA Scholarship Programs

June 16, 2018 0 comments ISMAANA Admin Categories Patrika Q2 2018

Currently ISMAANA has two types of ongoing scholarship programs:

  1. Merit Scholarships: Eight merit scholarships were started in 2015 to recognize top two students in the final year of four earth science branches based on first three years of academic performance. Scholarships for 2017-18 academic year were awarded during fourth quarter of 2017 in an award ceremony at IIT (ISM).
  2. Merit cum means scholarships: Currently ISMAANA has alumni commitment for 41 such scholarships that are based on family income and academic performance. Most of these scholarship amounts are $1000/year. Key scholarship donors with number of committed scholarships in parenthesis are:
    • Naresh Vashisht (20)
    • Avinash Ahuja (10)
    • Suresh Chugh (4)
    • Mohinder Gulati (1)
    • Pramod Thakur(1)
    • Jatinder Tuli (1)
    • Dipak Sarkar (1)
    • Zoeb Mogri (1)
    • Shishir Agrawal (1)
    • Yugal Gupta (1).

First phase of the scholarships was completed in January 2018 with award of 14 scholarships. Scholarship recipients were:

  • First Year: Aman Kumar
  • Second Year: Chappidi Jagdeesh, Divyansh, Harshit Sharma, and Anant Singhal
  • Third Year: Dileep Kumar, Gajendra Singh, Pankaj Kumar, Ravi Kumar, and Shahzeb Ahmad
  • Final Year: Akash Kumar, Balireddy Pavan, Kasarla Nikhil, and Swapnil S Duggu

Pictures of scholarship winners in Phase 1 are as shown in the photograph. Twelve students qualified for phase 2 of the scholarship awards for those students who could not apply in phase 1. We are currently processing those applications. We are also working with donors to consider relaxing some of the requirements for these scholarships such as family income and state of origin such that more students may qualify. If any alumni would consider starting scholarships for needy but meritorious students, please contact Dipak Sarkar at