Featured Alumni – Abhinav Gupta, 2010 Env. Eng.

December 17, 2017 0 comments ISMAANA Admin Categories Featured Alumni, Patrika Q4 2017

Abhinav Gupta completed his B.Tech. in Environmental Engineering from ISM in 2010 and moved to the US for his Masters from University of Kansas in 2012. Abhinav is currently working as a Business Analyst in Property and Casualty Insurance based in Columbus, Ohio. Besides exceling at his workplace, he loves to sing and travel and has ambitious goals in life.

Singing. Abhinav enjoyed performing in cultural events at ISM and received several awards. He recently performed in Columbus in front of 8000+ people at an Annual Indian event. He has performed at various events in the US and Canada and hopes to keep performing more & more in future. Check out his Facebook page: facebook.com/SingerAbhinavGupta) to upload his singing videos.

Traveling. Abhinav set a rather interesting goal to visit all 50 US states, while he took his first solo trip in Sep 2015 to North Dakota (Bismarck) and absolutely loved the experience of traveling alone. In ~2.5 years, he has covered 44/50 US states already while working full-time. He plans to finish visiting 49 states (mainland and Alaska) by January 2018 and will celebrate the 50th in Hawaii sometime next year.