ISMAANA Internship Committee

December 30, 2021 0 comments ISMAANA Admin Categories Patrika Q4 2021

ISMAANA, in collaboration with IIT (ISM) Dhanbad is initiating a program for IIT (ISM) students to pursue internship opportunities in North American universities. Initially internship could be carried out online. A committee consisting of several faculty members from North American universities and experts from industries is proposed. Dr Ram Madhab Bhattacharjee Dean IRAA IIT (ISM) has consented to be the liaison from IIT (ISM) and he may include other faculty members from IIT (ISM) in this committee. Dr Anil Kumar of ISMAANA has kindly consented to lead this effort.

Several of North America based faculty members including Dr. Mrinal Sen, Dr. Ganesh Thakur and Dr. Akhil Datta Gupta were all were encouraging of this effort. We believe internship opportunities like this could open up prospects in future for IIT (ISM) students to pursue graduate studies in North American universities as well as improve their career prospects. At present we have 5 students in internship program, 3 with Dr. Anil Kumar and 2 with Dr. Amit Acharya of Carnegie Mellon U.

The list of proposed committee members is as follows. We estimate it may require 1 to 2 hours/week of faculty members’ time to provide internship/mentoring guidance for 1 student.

Proposed Members of this committee include

Dr. Anil Kumar – ISMAANA – Lead
Dr. Mrinal Sen – UT Austin -Geophysics
Dr Akhil Datta Gupta – TAMU – PE –
Dr Kingshuk Sinha – U. of Minn –
Dr. Sanjay Srinivasan – Penn State –
Dr Chandra Rai – OU –
Dr. Sumit Verma – UT Permian Basin –
Dr. Amit Acharya – Carnegie Mellon U-
Dr. Hemanta Sarma – U. of Calgary –
Dr. Indranil Bardhan – UT Austin – –
Dr. Someshwar Kesh – U. of Central Missouri –
Dr. Santanu Khataniar – U. of Alaska –
Dr. Ganesh Thakur _ U. of Houston – PE –
Dr Deblina Sarkar – MIT – Comp. Sc. – –
Dr Raja Ramani – Penn State – Mining –
Dr. Pradeep Talwani – U. of S. Carolina – Geophysics –
Dr. Hemanta Mukherji – Consultant and Lecturer – PE –
Mr Shivaji Dasgupta- Geophysical expert and consultant.

From IIT (ISM)
Dr Ram Madhab Bhattacharjee –