ISMAANA Elects a New Executive Committee w.e.f. January 2018

January 4, 2018 0 comments ISMAANA Admin Categories News, Uncategorized

Dear All ISMAANA Members and IIT (ISM) Management:

It is with great pleasure we announce the new Executive Committee of ISMAANA effective immediately as follows:

  • President/Chairman – Dipak Sarkar (1967 PE)
  • Vice President – Manoj Choudhary (1993 PE)
  • Treasurer – Atul Kumar (1967 PE)
  • Secretary – Vishal Gupta (2001 ME)

Election of the above mentioned executive committee members, nominated by the Advisory Committee of ISMAANA (consisting of Prof. Raja Ramani (1962 ME), Mr. Jagjit S. Yadav (1965 PE) — both are former President & Chairman of ISMAANA, and Dr Ganesh Thakur (1970 PE) is the current President & Chairman of ISMAANA, were unanimously accepted by the 2017 Board of Directors.

We highly appreciate the current Board of Directors and the outgoing ISMAANA Executive Committee for an outstanding job performed during the last three to four years in achieving a variety of goals and objectives for ISMAANA and IIT (ISM), as described in the ISMAANA December 2017 Newsletter.

We wish a great success to the newly elected Executive Committee in future endeavors for ISMAANA and IIT (ISM)!!


Ganesh Thakur (1970 PE)
2013-17 ISMAANA President/Chairman
Chairman – ISMAANA Advisory Committee