Innovation Ideas at IIT (ISM)

July 7, 2021 0 comments ISMAANA Admin Categories Patrika Q2 2021

At a request from IIT (ISM) to provide innovation ideas and to foster innovative thinking ISMAANA took couple of initiatives.

  1. Probed selected group of alumni regarding innovation ideas.
  2. Had an open discussion with IIT (ISM) alumni faculty group in North America how to foster innovation at IIT (ISM).

Below is a summary of input we received separated in two categories:

  1. Individual innovation ideas and
  2. Organizational changes to foster innovation.

We plan to undertake following initiatives from ISMAANA to help in implementing innovation. These are

  • Encourage alumni faculty group in North America to help place IIT (ISM) students in internships and other opportunities for advanced studies.
  • Start five innovation awards of Rs 50000 each/year for undergraduate students at IIT (ISM). These awards are currently sponsored by ISMAANA members and being implemented.
  • Continue monthly online seminars by researchers and faculty in North America to IIT (ISM) students.

As a summary of organizational ideas following are some suggested action items for IIT(ISM) consideration that would serve as building blocks and can be implemented in a short order:

  1. Create an industry advisory board. Usually, such a board meets twice a year, and helps the school establish academic programs that are relevant to the current and long-term needs of the industry
  2. Create an External Advisory Board (EAB) for each department consisting of about 8 to 10 members from specific Industry, Academia and a government agency. Try to achieve a broad representation.
  3. Create a program to invite Executives-in-Residence for different departments for 6 to 12 months on Campus.
  4. Formalize collaboration with international agencies through Govt. of India programs such as GIAN, and VAJRA, and also directly with international agencies.
  5. Popularize and build awareness of Undergraduate participation in research and innovation activities on campus, in each department via awards program

Following ISMAANA members received Distinguished Alumnus award during Basant Festival on February 7, 2021 at IIT (ISM) Dhanbad for their outstanding professional achievements and for their generous help to their Alma Mater.