East Coast gathering and Picnic on August 7, 2021

December 30, 2021 0 comments ISMAANA Admin Categories Patrika Q4 2021

ISMAANA East Coast annual get-together & picnic held on August 6, 2021 at Beltzville State Park, Lehighton, PA was primarily organized by Pradip Gangopadhyay with help of several other alumni.

The event was successfully held considering the pandemic situation. We had a good gathering on pre-event on Friday, August 6. Quite a few participated in singing with full Karaoke music arranged by Debashish Chatterjee (’88 Petroleum Eng.) & even our Prof. Raja V. Ramani (’62 Mining Eng.) participated in the musical session. Considerable good amount of wine, liquor & snacks was provided along with a suite reserved for gathering by Dr Mihir Sinha ’66 P Tech. We must mention that the lion’s share of these expenses for drinks was shared by our veteran Mihir Sinha, Shishir Agrawal (’67 Mining Eng), Sneharthi Roy (’87 Mining Eng) & Debashish Chatterjee.

Prabuddha Gupta (’95 Mining Eng.) booked a nice pavilion well ahead of time, and he deserves a big thanks for reservation of this scenic picnic spot in Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania where the picnic event took place.

Prof. Amit Acharya (’88 Mining Eng.) and Buddhi Prakash Gupta (2002 Electronics) were formally introduced during our dinner session. These two gentlemen are newcomers to the picnic and during our lunch session they mingled with others freely.

It’s important to mention that without the assistance of Mihir Sinha, Shishir, Prabuddha, Debashish & Sneharthi we couldn’t have successfully completed the event. Shishir and his better half Mekhala certainly deserve a big thanks from all of us. We are all fortunate to have these kinds of friends with such a high degree of cooperation.

The dinner was arranged at the New Amber Indian Restaurant, Moosic, PA 18507. Food was sumptuous but the conversations were simply priceless. The dinner started at 6:30PM and continued past 10 PM.


Alumni at the picnic : L to R: Pradip K. (PK) Gangopadhyay (’70 Petroleum Eng.), Prithulal Sharma (’86 Mining Eng), Praja P. Shapkota (’88 Mining Eng.), Mihir Sinha (’66 P Tech), Prof. Raja V. Ramani (’62 Mining) & former ISMAANA President and Chairman, Buddhi Prakash Gupta (2002 Electronics Eng.), Amit Kumar (2002 Mining), Prof. Amit Acharya (’88 Mining Eng.), Debashish Chatterjee (’88 Petroleum Eng.),Shishir K. Agrawal (’76 Mining Eng.), Sneharthi Roy (’87 Mining Eng.) & Amit Roy (’88 Mining)
Picnic included children’s games.