Distinguished Alumnus Award

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Shivaji Dasgupta (AGeop’70)

After completing his degree in Applied Geophysics from ISM in 1970, Shivaji Dasgupta obtained a MS degree in Mathematics and continued with MS in Geophysical Engineering in 1973 and an MBA in 1974 from So. Illinois University USA. He started his career with ConocoPhillips, a major petroleum company at Ponca City in Oklahoma. Followed by a tenure at Amoco Production Company (now BP) where he worked on exploration projects to acquire, process, and interpret multicomponent seismic data. After 6 years in Amoco, he joined Aramco the Saudi oil company in Croydon, UK. Later was transferred to Saudi Arabia. At Aramco he worked on various aspects of seismic exploration and built subsurface models that culminated in the discovery of a major new exploration and development system in the Persian Gulf. In the Ghawar Field of Saudi Arabia, the largest in the world, his innovative workflows produced subsurface models that generated phenomenal drilling success. Subsequently, he developed computerized integrated workflows that combined seismic interpretation with geo-steering application for drilling horizontal wells. He was granted four (4) US and international patents for innovative techniques.

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) selected him as a HL distinguished lecturer. He visited 28 locations around the world to present his highly acclaimed lecture on application of geophysical tools in instrumented fields for reservoir fluid monitoring. Received SEG life membership award for lifetime achievement. Presently serves in various SEG committees Distinguished Lecture committee, Research committee, Global Affairs committee. He is also a member of SPE Society Petroleum Engineers and the EAGE European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers.

He has authored a book “Geophysics for Petroleum Engineers” published by Elsevier, the book has become a best seller and has since been translated into Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese and is adopted as a text book in various universities.

Shivaji recently funded conversion of two existing classrooms at IIT (ISM) into recording studios.

He is a partner in Texas Oil Production LLC., an independent oil & gas company that he invested in. The company operates in South Texas. Shivaji serves as a board member of ISMAANA.

Dr. Mohinder S. Gulati (PE’62)

Dr. Mohinder Gulati retired from Unocal Geothermal as the Chief Engineer in 1999 after a distinguished career of 27 years. He was responsible for the development of all geothermal projects owned by Unocal located in the U.S., the Philippines and Indonesia.

Mohinder Gulati graduated with a BS degree in Petroleum Engineering from Indian School of Mines in 1962, topping his class of twenty. He worked for the Oil and Natural Gas Commission as a scientist in Dehradun till 1969. He taught petroleum engineering students at Indian School of Mines as a visiting professor in 1965.

He joined Stanford University as a graduate student in Petroleum Engineering and earned his Masters and Ph.D. degrees in 1973, and co-authored a book on petroleum reservoir engineering with his professor, Dr. Henry J. Ramey and a fellow graduate student, Dr. Anil Kumar. He was honored with the 1991 Geothermal Reservoir Engineer Award by the Stanford Geothermal Program.

Mohinder sponsors one merit cum means scholarship at IIT (ISM) and recently funded conversion of two classrooms into smart classrooms at IIT (ISM).
Mohinder Gulati lives in Santa Rosa, California, where he manages his business interests and enjoys the virtual company of his four grandchildren. Mohinder served as a board member of ISMAANA.