Bay Area gathering on August 22, 2021

December 30, 2021 0 comments ISMAANA Admin Categories Patrika Q4 2021

On Aug 22nd, IIT-ISM Alumni in Bay Area met to celebrate the 5th Birthday of Ashutosh Dubey’s son in Pleasanton. The meet included a small spectrum of the large pool of bay area IIT-ISM alumni. As summer was tapering and covid restrictions eased we decided to meet during one of the weekends. We had alumni from 1997 till 2015 during this celebration. At the peak we had about 50+ hearts beating, in Ashu’s beautiful sprawling backyard. The weather in the late afternoon was excellent for an outdoor party and we had an excellent spread of food and drinks arranged by Ashu and his wife, Bhargavi.

Bay Area alumni meet frequently for various group activities such as hiking, paragliding, biking, badminton, ping-pong, cricket, and many other indoor and outdoor sports. It’s a familial affair as children and their respective spouses meet often as well for variety of activities such as hot air balloons, SF Tours, Painting events, and alike. Bay area spouses are equally active in the professional and social networks.

The overall alumni in Bay Area per the last count are 100+ and growing. We have maintained strong ties with the Senior Alumnus and also welcomed young alumni and their families from recent batches. We have students who are studying in Stanford, Berkeley and other institutions and most alumni are either working in High Tech industries or leading their own startups.

Although covid has reduced the physical interactions, however we have kept the tradition alive by meeting virtually and continue to evolve the culture and adopt the Bay Area vibes.

Alumni at the gathering included Satyendra Kuntal (2004), Nagendra Singh (2008), Mayank Vats (2008), Dhirendra Kumar (2008), Vivek Khetan (2012), Rishi Vig (2000), Raman Jha (2000), Durga Pandey (2004), Umanand Jha (1997), Pallav Sarma (2000), Bhargava Rambabu (2000), Aditya Kumar (2004), Indranil Das (1999), Prakash Raina (2005), Lalit Kumar (1999), Ashutosh Dubey (2008), Dwarika Lal (2003), Ankit Pathak (2012), Vidisha (2015).